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Collect 'em.
Trade 'em.
Hide 'em from your family.

CryptoDickbutts represent the next devolution in the state of art as NFTs. Series 3 features 5200 randomly generated CryptoDickbutts priced at 0.052 Ξ.

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5200 Total CryptoDickbutts will be minted in Series 3.

161 Will be reserved for OG CryptoDickbutt holders from Series 1 and Series 2.

39 Will be reserved for dev team and community giveaways.

A discount of 10% off mint price is available for holders of CryptoBeasts and Framergence/Pulsquares NFTs. Use the special buttons to claim these discounted mints, once per wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is On Your Roadmap?

Road? Map? What are you even talking about?

How Do I Mint CryptoDickbutts?

What are you, 12?

What Inspired You To Make This?

You don’t want to know.

What Rights Do I Have To The Artwork?

You are free to do with your CryptoDickbutts as your heart desires.
By purchasing a CryptoDickbutt, you are granted full and complete rights to do whatever you want with your NFT and the artwork included, commercially or otherwise. You can see more details here.